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DeuxSouth is a band of creative dreamers and doers, posited and ready to take over the greater WacoTonio area with their innovative designs, engaging content and knack for brand development. Though small in numbers, our dedicated team of visionaries has honed their crafts to expert levels. With offices in both Waco & San Antonio, DeuxSouth offers a diverse list of services perfect for businesses wanting to reach new audiences and grow their brand over time.

Tanner Freeman, with the help of Tori Cox (an intern at the time), founded DeuxSouth in the fall of 2015 to fill a void in the digital design landscape of Waco. An adventure-seeker at heart, Tanner embarked south a few months later and opened a second location in San Antonio. As the members of the “DeuxCrew” increased, so did our list of services. DeuxSouth’s services now include brand development, graphic design and illustration, print design, web design, SEO consultation, packaging design and photography/videography.

We have worked for a diverse list of clients comprised of everything from a local barbecue food truck to a network of orthopaedic clinics to an international heavy-equipment manufacturer. Though every client brings new needs and projects, we commit ourselves to a consistent process: learn your story, understand your needs, and innovate creative solutions designed for your success.

Our purpose and our passion is to tell brand stories better. Now, it’s time to tell yours.


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Tanner Freeman
[Owner/Art Director]

Owner and lead designer, Tanner brings visions to life through creative illustrations and logos. After graduating from Abilene Christian University with a degree in Graphic Design and a brief stint in Ft. Worth, he moved home to Waco and started what would become DeuxTone (now DeuxSouth). Tanner’s passion for giving a voice to the members of his city developed during his Wacotown days, and he carries the same devotion to community of San Antonio.

Tanner is a lover of the great outdoors. Some of his latest adventures including bumping into bears at Big Bend and cycling his way from Pittsburgh to DC.

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Tori Freeman
[Content Strategist]

While growing up, Tori could be found either with her nose stuck in a book or journaling about dreamed adventures that typically involved unicorns. Her passion for the written word has remained constant through the years, though it’s safe to say her writing has matured. These days, she focuses on crafting copy and content that carries a story. She currently manages the Waco office.

Tori graduated from Baylor University with a degree focusing on public relations & media. Though her home state of Colorado will allows hold a special place in her heart, she proudly became a Texas transplant (and Tanner’s sister-in-law) when she got hitched in January.

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Rebecca Kaiser
[Graphic Designer]

Rebecca’s artistic endeavours started with her snatching art supplies from her sister. Years later after watching her graphic designer hubby work in Illustrator, Rebecca began researching the colorful avenues of the digital art world. Teaching herself the Adobe Suite became a full time hobby outside the daily grind of her 9-5 job. In 2016, she transitioned into a full time graphic designer and joined the DeuxSouth team. Rebecca is well-versed in all aspects of digital design, but her numero uno speciality is typography & lettering.

Originally from Alaska, Rebecca made her way to sunny San Antonio with her husband and their cat. She has been known to while away Saturday mornings snuggled up with her cat and binge-watching cartoons.

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